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Author:  Unknown.
Date:  Unknown.

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Subject:  Unknown.
Description:  The central image is a portrait shaped frame with banners along the top and bottom of the frame. Between the banners and contained by the frame is the central image of an open book behind a metal lamp with a black shade shedding light onto the book and everything else in the image. In front of the lamp on the left side is an ink jar and spare nibs and on the right is an ashtray and smouldering cigarette with the smoke drifting upwards and surrounding the lamp and book from above. While the two banners have statements within them the lower one also has four maple leaves, 2 on the right, and 2 on the left.
External Link(s):  http://angel.library.ubc.ca/u?/bookplate,86 

Contributor:  Ivan Glen Campbell
Rights:  Images provided for research and reference use only. Permission to publish, copy, or otherwise use these images must be obtained from Rare Books & Special Collections http://www.library.ubc.ca/spcoll
Relation:  General Collection
Format:  P7: Offset
Identifier:  BP GEN SL P C367